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Support Services

Advanced world-class technology to maximize uptime, productivity by proactively detects and prevent issues

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Deployment Services

Simplify complex installations, upgrades and configuration changes maximizing uptime & integrations

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Recovery Services

Get back to business quickly by responding and recovering quickly from either human error or cyber threats

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Unified Communication

Business communication and collaboration will continue to evolve with co-innovation enhancing customer experience

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Cyber Security Services

Network security at the next level from user to app with complete Zero Trust on your Multi-Cloud environment

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App & Cloud Services

Always on while improving staff experience and customer engagement, while handling high demand in Multi-Cloud World

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What is and Why should I need a MSP to manage my business technology?

Managed Service Provider (MSP) is your partner on enabling your organization's data availability secure, anytime, anywhere while supporting change over digital transformation by centralizing technology making real business transformation...

Do I keep control and own my Business Data while having NimbusPC as MSP?

Having NimbusPC as your partner is the insurance policy you can count on for completely own and control your Data since we will make sure any/all external vendors follow centralize business process from email to business must sensitive data…

Why should I choose NimbusPC over other Manage Service Provider?

NimbusPC does what it preaches, we recommend and use the best of each technology industry; from services, security, backup to application development … Every service and solution provided is already implemented in house. With custom programs with no contract…

How much NimbusPC Application Development services cost?

We are proud of our full stack developer team which allow us to provide versatile application modules as unique as your business, making affordable for every organization since you pay for what you need… No more big software where only 30% of features are needed…

Already have a website why should I upgrade it?

Custom built websites are more search engine friendly for higher raking in search results and will incorporate a unique design to stand out your brand from the crowd while staying secured and optimized with developer support App care…

Why should I back up our business data with NimbusPC?

NimbusPC partnered with one of the best backup’s software-based providers to bring more than data backup; the most secure hybrid hardware-less and multi-cloud platform for backup and replication solutions. Upgrading or Enrolling infrastructure backup never been easier…

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